50 Years SPECORD®

The industrial manufacturing of the first optical analytical measuring devices worldwide originates from the optical workshop of Carl Zeiss. It was founded in Jena in 1846. In 1995 the Analytik Jena AG acquired the product section of lab analysis technology of Carl Zeiss Jena. The Analytik Jena AG pursued the successful products and led them to the 21st century by inventive enhancements.
In 2013 one of the most successful analyzers from Jena celebrates its 50th anniversary: the spectrophotometer SPECORD®. It was launched in 1963 as the successor of the Pulfrich photometer in Jena, which was introduced in 1924.

Today Analytik Jena AG provides the SPECORD® PLUS spectrophotometers. Like their predecessors the contemporary spectrophotometers stand for precision, flexibility, durability, and user-friendliness. The innovative design and the unparalleled range of accessories are the reason why laboratories all over the world have been using spectrophotometers from Jena for 50 years.