Cell Holders

Using most diverse cell holders, with or without temperature control, you are well prepared for all requirements. Whether working with test kits, necessity of (Peltier) temperature controlled determinations, e.g. enzyme kinetics in food industries or DNA melting curves in bio analytics, or measurements of very small sample volumes via ultra micro cells e. g. screening of blood, within the comprehensive accessory range for the SPECORD® PLUS you will find what you need.

Holder for cylindrical cells
Holder for cylindrical cells with/without thermostating

Adjustable cell holder for micro cells
Accommodates micro and ultra micro cells of small volumes

Cell holder for cells of up to 10 cm pathlength
Provides measurement of strongly diluted samples or minimum concentrations in standard cells of up to 10 cm pathlength

Holder for round cells
Accommodates round cells or ampoules with a diameter of 11 to 16 mm

Complete range of cells
Whether micro, semi-micro or macro cells, we can offer the suitable cell for all applications