Cell Changers

The cell changers enable most efficient working in routine analysis. Up to 14 cells can be measured in one analysis run. You will find all you need for your application requirements. The cell changers are available with or without temperature control and/or magnetic stirring function or with the option to attach a dissolution system.

Thermostated 6cell changer with stirrer and 6 positions
For 1 cm cells/temperature control by water bath or Peltier element. Specially designed for quantitative end-point determination and enzyme kinetics

Cell changer for cells of 1, 2 or 5 cm path length
Especially suitable for quantitative determinations (Not thermostated and thermostated for cells with a path length of 1 cm)

Cell carousel with 15 positions
For maximum sample throughput in quantitative analysis

Single or double 8cell changer
8cell changer or double 8cell changer combination (with and without stirrer), not thermostated, water thermostated or Peltier thermostat for cells with a pathlength of 1 cm